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We always welcome curious people to join our team.

Topis for reasearch internships, bachelor theses, master theses, and theses of any flavour are allocated continously and are not announced here explicitly. If you are interested in conducting your these in our labs, do not hesitade contacting us. Please send an email to or talk to us in our teaching courses directly. The email should provide information on your study program, the envisaged degree, an time slot for your thesis, and your topic preference (synthesis, enzymology, biotechnology etc.). We are eager contacting you asap evaluating if we have vacanies and if we fit in terms of research topics.

Certainly, we are primarily involved in theses of the Heinrich Heine University, however, in case of available capacities we are eager in conducting theses of other universities (of applied sciences), too.


Doctoral Studies

If you are interested in doing your doctoral studies within the IBOC, please do not hestitate contacting us on your initiative or have a look if there are current announcements matching for you. Prof. Dr. Pietruszka as well as the junior group leader Dr. Classen are looking forward to get in contact with you.


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