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Synthesis of Natural Compound and effective Substances

Our passion is the development of efficient methods for the synthesis of natural and effect substances. The selection of synthesis targets is based on various attributes of the natural products, such as an interesting/challenging structure (e.g. psymberine), an exciting biosynthesis (e.g. prodiginines), or the physiological activity (e.g. prodiginines) of the substances. Another driving force is the development and application of the most elegant methods and reagents possible, which are used in the key steps of synthesis (e.g. marine oxylipins). In recent years, we have succeeded in synthesising many challenging structures. Besides prominent representatives such as psymberine, solandelactones and constanolactones, as well as (neo-)halicholactones and rugolactone, sugar-based natural products such as sophorose and rhamnolipids have been produced and investigated. Recently, we were able to expand our portfolio: we succeeded in synthesising the phytotoxic nonenolide putaminoxin and the tetrahydroanthraquinones Altersolanol A and N. Advances in the field of mutasynthesis gave us access to a large number of prodiginin derivatives, among others. A highly interesting structural motif for natural products, isocoumarin, could be presented via the reaction of α,β-unsaturated lactones with 1,3-dienes. This led, among other products, to the total syntheses of alternariols and angelicoin B.

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