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Are you interested in an internship, a thesis or a job at the IBOC?

You are cordially invited to find out more in the points below.

IMPORTANT : Our institute is located entirely on the campus of Research Centre Jülich in 52428 Jülich and not in Düsseldorf.

You can reach us by public transport via the Rurtalbahn (stop Jülich Forschungszentrum) with the following bus SB11 (Aachen-Jülich) or on foot (approx. 2 km). For daily commuting, an (old!) bicycle can be left at the Rurtalbahn stop if necessary. You can get an estimate of the travel times, for example, at www.bahn.de.

Registered visitors, trainees and staff can also drive to the Research Centre Jülich by car and find a parking space near the institute.


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  • Dr. Sonja Meyer zu Berstenhorst
  • Scientific assistant/ Scientific project and teaching coordinator

Open positions

We currently have no vacancies, but this can change quickly. If you are interested, please send us your initiative application. As soon as new projects are available again, they will be published here.


Find further informations here.



The early support of scientific interest is important to us, which is why we are happy to try to facilitate early (voluntary) career exploration through internships. Due to a certain risk potential of our working materials and equipment in the laboratory, you should already have some laboratory/experimental experience. Unfortunately, we can therefore only offer internships for school students from the upper school level onwards - and if our limited supervision capacities allow this. Therefore, please plan a lead time of about half a year and convince us of your honest interest in your cover letter.

If you would like to do a student internship (also before the upper school) or similar at the Research Centre, then the P-Z department of the Research Centre is the right contact for you. On the homepage you will find helpful information on internship and training opportunities as well as details on how to apply for an internship.

If you would like to do an internship exclusively at our institute, you can also send us a direct application - in this case, please do not apply centrally at the Research Centre. What we need for an application:

    Cover letter (motivation for the internship, area of interest, duration and period of the internship)
    Tabular curriculum vitae including contact details*
    last (half-year) certificate*
    accompanying letter from the school* if applicable

*as a PDF attachment with scans (b/w, 300dpi or readable).

Please send your application exclusively electronically to  . Please use a plain-text e-mail address (e.g. Max.Mustermann@telepom.de instead of Einhorn98@fakemail.com); in the case of minors, this can also be the address of their parents, who will sooner or later be involved in the application process anyway.

Some degree programmes or training courses require an orientation internship of two to six months. We would be happy to support you in this, as long as we have free capacity and it falls within our area of expertise. Please note the necessary lead time of about 6 months. Please note: The summer holidays (after leaving school and before starting training or studies) are usually too late for these longer internships. There is a supervision bottleneck lurking here due to the summer months and other teaching obligations. Therefore, plan such internships in advance of your graduation - as a rule, they can also be broken down into individual parts. The same guidelines apply to application documents as for school internships. In addition, it may be advisable to enclose the (university) school regulations/study regulations once again or to us the link.

We look forward to receiving your -early - application.

We would be happy to support you in the laboratory work of a technical paper or other school research work in the fields of (synthetic) chemistry, biochemistry and molecular biology. The initiative is taken by you. Send a sketch of your research idea and how you would like us to participate to . Together we will then evaluate whether we can be of support.


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