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Starting signal for theses


from left to right: Jörg Pietruszka, Zoé Viteri Medina, Cornelius Pawlowsky, Frederike Speh, Simon Przetak, Jaqueline Kühnel, Lea Hoppe, Moritz Zechlin, Matthias Bleser

We would like to warmly welcome our new Bachelor students who have recently joined us. Zoé Salome will be supporting Cornelius Pawlowsky, Moritz Techlin will be working with Matthias Bleser and Frederike Lore will be working on Simon Przetak's project. Carolin Höfel is also starting her Master's thesis in cooperation with Henkel. We would also like to welcome her. We are delighted to have you all join the IBOC team and wish you every success and enjoyment with your theses.

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