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Organoboron Chemistry

In synthetic organic chemistry, organoboron reagents have gained an important role as versatile and reliable building blocks for C–C and C–X bond-forming reactions. At present, the diversity of methods for preparation of organoboronic acids and esters as well as the variety of synthetic applications is steadily increasing.

In our working group’s research on organoboron chemistry, we focus on the development of methods for the efficient and selective synthesis of diastereo- and enantiomerically pure organoboron reagents. These reagents can be versatile intermediates in asymmetric syntheses (i.e. synthesis of natural compounds). Cyclopropylboronic esters and allylic boronates are compounds of special interest to us. As they can provide stereoselective access to useful bifunctional building blocks for natural product and drug synthesis.

Besides synthetic application we are also interested in understanding the reaction mechanisms, which is investigated either with in-house analytics or supported by our cooperation partners in the region, as exemplified below for the allylation of aldehydes and ketones with a bench-stable allylboronate.

Selected Publications

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