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Bachelor and master theses started
Welcome at IBOC!

Our new students and their supervisors (from left to right) Elias Leon Pfirmann, Daniel Germes, Simon Przetak, Marcel Schatton, Tillmann Bartz, Dominic Badermann, Moritz Klischan, Daniel Grudzinsky, Matthias Willmann, Dennis Schlegel, Mirai Alosh, Lea Hoppe. Not on the photo are Matthias Bleser, Philipp Sowa and Mona Haase.

In the last few weeks we have been busy again, many new colleagues found their way to us, many bachelor and master theses were started. We would like to welcome Daniel Germes, Dennis Schlegel, Daniel Grudzinski, Mirai Alosh and Elias Leon Pfirmann for their bachelor thesis. Our dual apprentice Tillmann Bartz is also starting his bachelor thesis.

Simon Przetak, Dominic Badermann and Matthias Willmann are starting their master's thesis. Of course, we would also like to extend a warm welcome to you.

We wish all of you a good start at the institute and much success with your work.

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