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We look forward to welcoming you.
Enzymetechnology II: Here we go again

It's time to dust off your lab coats and swing your pipettes again, because Enzyme Technology II is just around the corner!

Our four research assistants - Lisa, Marisa, Simon and Philipp (unfortunately not in the picture) - have been preparing intensively for this module over the last few weeks. They have put their heads deep into their lab scripts, sharpened pencils, cleaned fume hoods, tamed bacteria and folded enzymes (well, sort of, anyway). They are ready to share their concentrated knowledge and enthusiasm with you!

In Enzyme Technology II, you can expect a fascinating journey through the depths of biotechnology - in theory and, of course, in the lab.

The module starts on 2 April here at IBOC. Join us as we delve into the world of enzymes and learn how to utilise them for your research.

Our assistants are looking forward to welcoming you and experimenting with you.

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