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Photo of Vera Ophoven

Vera Ophoven
Laboratory assistant

Building: 15.13
Floor/Room: 303

Curriculum Vitae

Academic Stages

Since 1986

Employee at Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf





Fabian Hogenkamp, Fabienne Hilgers, Nora Bitzenhofer, Vera Ophoven, Mona Haase, Claus Bier, Dennis Binder, Karl-Erich Jaeger, Thomas Drepper, Joerg Pietruszka, ChemBioChem, 2021, accepted (doi/10.1002/cbic.202100467) "Optochemical control of bacterial gene expression – novel photocaged compounds for different promoter systems"

Martina Bischop, Vesna Cmrecki, Vera Ophoven, Jörg Pietruzska, Synthesis 2008, 2488-2490, “Synthesis of (2R,3R)-1,4-Dimethoxy-1,1,4,4-tetraphenyl-2,3 butanediol

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