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research management
What is Patrick Bongen doing now?

Patrick started his chemistry studies at Heinrich Heine University in 2005 and joined IBOC in 2009 for his in-depth studies and then his diploma thesis. Within the scope of his doctoral thesis, which he carried out from 2010-2014, he researched on the topic "Chemoenzymatic Syntheses - Hydrolases in Methodology and Application". After his doctoral thesis, he remained at the institute for another two years as a postdoc and, among other things, was in charge of the chromatography fleet together with Birgit Henßen.

Directly after his doctorate, Patrick went to the district administration in Duisburg and was trained as a technical supervisor for the statutory accident insurance. However, he was drawn back to the scientific field and since August 2018 he has been working at the research centre again, mainly as a research manager, which he enjoys very much.

His personal advice is: "... find a job that you enjoy and that challenges you mentally..."

Thank you very much Patrick. We wish you continuing joy in research management and all the best.

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