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For a sustainable Bioeconomy


f.l.t.r.: Philipp Sowa, Nina Stadler, Marcel Schatton

As a full-day symposium, colleagues from the many disciplines and locations of the BioSC exchanged ideas on 17 May 23. Active contributions were also made by PhD students of the IBOC. Philipp Sowa supported the poster contribution and the presentation by Marco Löhrer (RWTH) of the P³roLucas consortium, in which we are researching lupine alkaloids. Nina Stadler was represented at two posters: Once at ToxPot (potato alkaloids) and once at the PhD initiative NovoStimAct (surfactants of bacterial origin). Marcel Schatton represented the Viola project (tryptophan alkaloids) in his talk and with contributions to the poster. Thank you for your research contributions and for making the day so lively. We would also like to thank all the other colleagues in the consortia for their constructive cooperation - it's fun and you can see the added value.

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