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June features new colleagues

Philipp Sowas, Taiki Kurihara und Andreas Sebastian Klein (f.l.t.r.)

This week we welcomed two new colleagues. The chemist Taiki Kurihara from Tokyo joined us at the Institute after a study visit to Massachusetts, and is now working on the lupin project as part of his research internship with Philipp Sowa. Andreas Sebastian Klein is a familiar face. He completed his doctorate at our institute in 2018 and has worked for Prof. Cathleen Zeymer in recent years, first at ETH in Zurich and then at TU Munich. He was a key figure in the establishment of the young group. At our institute, he will initially be working on the screening of hydrolytic enzymes within the LipoBioCat project. In the future, he will also provide support in the administrative area of the institute. We are delighted to have gained back a colleague who enjoys teaching and research.

Taiki and Andreas, we warmly welcome you, we are happy that you are with us and wish you a great time.

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