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Life sciences
12th student symposium

Science College Overbach (Jülich) hosted the 12th student symposium from Nov. 2 to Nov. 4 with the title "Life sciences - paving the way for our future". The participating students enjoyed lectures by scientists from the Research Center and the Aachen-Jülich University of Applied Sciences, who gave them an insight into the disciplines of bioeconomics, enzyme research, biotechnology, biosensors, structural biology and bioinformatics. The IBG-1 contributed to the success with lectures by Jan Marienhagen ("The cell as a factory"), Thomas Drepper ("Enzyme technology") and Jörg Pietruszka ("Biotechnology - a chemist's perspective"), among others. A visit to Jülich Biotechnology rounded off the program: Julia Tenhaef from IBG-1 as well as Benjamin P. Chapple and Alexandra Leyens from IBOC welcomed the students to our laboratories to give them an experimental understanding of the topics they had previously heard about. The students were very interested in the offered contents and we also enjoyed the event. A big thank you to all participants who made this symposium a success by contributing to it!

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