Organoboron Chemistry

In synthetic organic chemistry, organoboron reagents have gained an important role as versatile and reliable building blocks for C-C and C-heteroatom bond-forming reactions. At present, the diversity of methods for preparation of organoboronic acids and esters as well as the variety of synthetic applications is steadily increasing.

In our working group’s research on organoboron chemistry, we focus on the development of methods for the efficient and selective synthesis of diastereo- and enantiomerically pure organoboron reagents. These reagents are versatile intermediates in asymmetric synthesis. Therein, a key feature is the utilization of tartrate-derived diol 1 as boronic acid protective group, providing highly stable boronic esters. Cyclopropylboronic esters and allylic boronates are compounds of special interest to us. In the preparation of a variety of enantiomerically pure cyclopropylboronic esters, it has been found that chiral auxiliary 1 does not only induce selectivity but allows a wide number of transformations in the side-chain “R” in the presence of the boron group by providing stability to the molecule. Thus, useful bifunctional buildings blocks are provided for natural product and drug synthesis.

Selected Publications

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